All posts for the month July, 2015

The latest update for LoLTool is now live and if you run the launcher it should download and install it automatically. Some details follow below.

So Riot ships a SQLite database with the League client that used to contain all the item data (names, descriptions, cost, etc…) needed to make the whole recommended item editor work. Then, for some reason, they removed all of that data. Presumably they updated how the client gets the data internally and didn’t want to maintain a duplicate copy of the data. Fair enough, but a giant pain for me. It’s probably all in the game client data somewhere, but I never managed to decode those files. So I’ve switched to using the Riot API instead. All the item data can be retrieved from the Riot servers and supposedly this does not count against the rate limit for Riot API requests with a developer key. Hopefully this works for everyone; as per usual my testing is limited to my personal dev machine. If things are broken for you make sure you email me and let me know so that I can investigate. Thank you all, and good luck out on the Rift!


Hello everyone! We are back online after a long absence.

So what happened? Well, first up the previous site got hacked. Ok, that was my bad. Turns out ignoring constant nags to update the site with security updates for several years is really not a good idea. Who woulda thunk? Yeah that was lazy. At the time when I found out that the site was offline I was just ending the final stretch of my Master’s degree and simply didn’t have the time to invest in fixing the site.

Then Riot went ahead and removed all the item data from the database that comes with the game, so now I had to figure out a new way to get item data or else the recommended item editor would be completely useless. That meant more time invested.

Now I’ve finished my Master’s so I have a little time to invest back into this project. A fix for getting the item data is also complete, so LoLTool should be working with all the previous functionality. It should be up on the site shortly.

As to future updates… I will try to keep everything working when Riot breaks things, and I may add some more functionality at some point but the amount of time I can invest in this is rather limited, especially given that it costs me far more to host the site than it makes in advertising revenue, let alone being in way profitable. So I’ll only be working on it in my spare time and when I feel like it.